Organizational Structure

The following is the organizational structure as provided for in the EANECE charter

(a) National Focal Points:

Each national environmental agency of the respective member countries assigns a senior officer involved in implementation, compliance and enforcement of environmental legislation as the National Focal Point. The National Focal Point serves as the primary focal point for working with in-country stakeholders, the Secretariat and other partners and is responsible for all network activities within the respective EANECE member countries.

(b) Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is currently composed of representatives of each EANECE member country duly nominated by the national networks, and the Regional Network Coordinator who serves as its secretary. The Executive Committee provides overall guidance to help realize the network's mission and objectives. In this regard, it is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to set the goals, policies, activities, annual work program and financial plans of the Network; review and approve work products; and foster cooperation and institutional strengthening on compliance and enforcement of environmental legislation and policies among member countries and development partners. Save for the Regional Network Coordinator, all Executive Committee members serve on a two - year renewable basis. The Chair of the Executive Committee serves as the liaison to the International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE) and other relevant networks.

The current Chair of the Executive committee is Mr. Benjamin Langwen who is also the Director in charge of Compliance and Enforcement at NEMA-Kenya. Other members of the Executive Committee include:

  • Mr. Arnold Waiswa Ayazika, Director of Environmental Monitoring and Compliance NEMA-Uganda
  • Dr. Robert Ntakamulenga, Director Compliance and Enforcement at NEMC-Tanzania.


(c) Secretariat:

The Secretariat is headed by the Regional Network Coordinator who is responsible for the day to day running of the network including: designing the work programme for implementation of the Network activities in consultation with the national networks; maintaining contact with regional participants to exchange information; supporting the identification of priorities by members and matching project funding as needed; working closely with National Coordinators to disseminate results and lessons learned; organizing the annual meetings, country and regional conferences, workshops and trainings technical exchanges and other activities in partnership with the members; monitoring and reporting on the progress and implementation of Network activities and projects; building and sustaining linkages with members, development partners and other networks; coordinating with other international networks to share information and experience, and cooperate on joint programs; and maintaining and updating the EANECE website.

The current Regional Coordinator is Mr. Gerphas Opondo.

Inspection and Investigation Manual

EANECE Inspection & Investigation Manual